Sunday, January 21, 2018


H. O. Lovecraft pens poem to the tune of "Piano Man." 4 times


Death's vacation
came to an abrupt end
idiot sub keys to Underworld
lost and found

a shade wandering in gloom
swore at her stubbed toe
crept to Hell's door
flung it wide

looking like RenFaire escapee
wandering fields
dusty roads
small-town sidewalks
eating it all
with her eyes

"Howdy, miss"
young man with evident interest
her hobby, languages
practiced on new arrivals
she had an unearthly air
made friends fast

He who'd lost the keys
hoo boy!
sucks to be him
thousands had escaped
some hadn't gotten far
took years to find the rest

any that had made it offworld
D. hired hit men
charge a bundle for that
Death offerred immortality
most laughed in his skull
sent where sun don't shine

bottom line
when she died
started studying Martian
it was cool


So did I happen to mention that, some time last night, a passing a$$hole took our mailbox? All they left in exchange were some pieces of their car.


raised fir roots guard
a crescent of blue snow
the low sun



Mutant snails, eating all the concrete to grow their ever-larger and more elaborate shells, caused more loss of life than the 2054 Flea Flu.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


phantom ache in my knee

as far from true sensation
as Mars from Earth

I know the ache ain't real
but logic doesn't make it
go away


This week: 2 sales to Scifaikuest, wrote a few poems, Metastable Systems nominated for the Elgin, sales of that book picking up, new library floor at home. Now I get to put everything back!

Lifetime Dreams & Nightmares subscriptions ($39 pdf; $99 print) include all available back issues, and all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.  Paypal to jopnquog at gmail dot com.

Looking ahead, SFPA members can get pdfs of Dreams & Nightmares 105-107 and a file of my own eligible poems, free, for Rhysling-nomination purposes. And, cancer treatment starts Monday.