Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Nyarlathotep, messenger of the Old Ones, walked the world, reaching into the skulls of several world leaders, and gently stirring the contents thereof. He didn't bother with the leaders of the United States and North Korea, they were already ready for the stars to be aligned.


my name is irate homeowner
you mow my flowers
prepare to die

by which I mean
I'm too angry even to tell you
how angry I am

(This really happened) (is ongoing)


lost worlds
how could you
and where would you put it

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Emerald verge
where the biosphere are jewels
we just can't help ourselves
everything is harvest
weeds are worth a mint
market flooded
planet bare
we're broke and aglitter
with fading and rootless gems


rail-pacing cat
speaks with rasping tongue
I don't have whatever he wants


Proceedings of the 19th Galactic Congress/page 1209/Late Archaic Dwellings

Inner Cluster Archeological Aggregate

In this contribution we describe a series of villages (clusters of 3 to 16 dwellings) in the Inc Valley of southern Loomisia. These dwellings have been dated at 1.54 billion years before Congruence (bybc) (+/- 0.065 bybc) using neutrino-trace decay and at 1.44 +/- 0.10 bybc using the comparative muon method. Beta Signoris III (BS3) has been occupied by at least two races that reached the Village cultural level. The villages of the Inc Valley were constructed by the extinct Lopher people, apparently unrelated to the Chtrbэg, who colonized BS3 in 12,967 ybc. Biomarkers from material collected in village 14C (map layer 11) indicates that the inhabitants were part of the third Remul Inflorescence. The dwellings are typically 1.8 to 2.4 meters high at the center, domical, with a single entrance hole generally facing the valley center. Inside, one large room was subdivided into 3 to 4 cubicals. One cubical was reserved for bartering, one for reproduction/food consumption, and others for purposes connected to art (or weather prediction). The outer surfaces of the dun-colored domes bear traces of diverse natural pigments visible primarily in the near-infrared. This is consistent with previous interpretations of thermal murals observed in caves NE of the Inc Valley, which were previously inferred to be products of Chtrbэg of the northern strain. New neutrino-trace dates of the cave murals (p. 1766 of this volume) indicate they are too old to have been painted by the Chtrbэg. 692,236 samples of pigment residue were mapped in one village of 16 dwellings. Response-cycle analysis (diurnal and seasonal) generated a reflectance map covering the period of one year (translated to the visual spectrum on map layer 12). The resultant image stream, viewed as video, depicts construction of an object resembling the 4.2-km high "Face" on BS2. There is no evidence that the Lopher ever existed on BS2. Further research is needed.

Publ. Drowning Atlantis, 2007

Monday, September 18, 2017


the less healthcare
the more Americans die young
how the GOP wins elections